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We specialize in customized baitcup containers for waxworms, mealworms, fly larvae and other live bait.

For over 40 years, Valente Giovanni & Company SNC has been producing baitcups here in Italy's Lombardy region, situated between Milan and Lake Como.
Our baitcups are highly customizable-- with original perforation designs, pad printing to include labels or brand marking, relief printing, opaque and transparency---you name it! 3-D prototypes can also be provided for any specialized request. All of our products can also be made in all-biodegradable materials, for a cleaner tomorrow.
Our goal is to continue to offer quality customized baitcups that are highly-resiliant and spill-proof-- with an elegant design that makes a difference for your customers and your business!

Small Baitcups
Small Baitcups
Medium Baitcups
Medium Baitcups
Large Baitcups
Large Baitcups
Custom Baitcups
Custom Baitcups

Quality customized baitcups, competitive prices, reliable service-- producer since 1972.

A short video clip of our production area:

11 Via delle Grigne
Locate Varesino (CO) ITALY 22070
T: (+39) 0331-823-249
F: (+39) 0331-688-145


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